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Life on the Tiny Screen

What I see on my side of the camera

The other camera person
9 October
"Time and time again, we are told to see things realistically, to take the blinders off and look at the real world with all its scars. The world isn't going to change just because we took at it through rose tinted glasses.

So I capture the real world, in all its raw beauty and stark terror, using my amataur skills and pocket digital camera to make a record of what I really see, not clouded by faulty human memory or selective ignorance. And I have come to realize that the world is not as bad as all that; the horrible tragedies and sickening injustices are far overbalanced by an overwhelming good. Our species has the remarkable ability to bounce back and adapt. We're not that bad off; after all, we are still here.

But then, this is my life, my sheltered and protected existance, where I see little of what goes on in the actual real world.

Maybe I just see life through a rose tinted lens.